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Our mission and vision are made alive in practical terms through the various ministries within our community; it is our desire that all ministries have a common shared and unified sense of vision and purpose and understand where we as a church are and God desires for us to go.

Kid's Ministry

JC Kids is about helping the youngest members of our community discover who they were meant to be in Jesus. Each week there is a fun and interactive bible lesson that involves crafts and different activities to engage the kids in a fun way. Kids are also introduced to prayer and are encouraged to bring their prayer requests for their friends, families and teachers. Kids keep track of their prayers on the prayer wall so they can see that God is at work in their lives.

For more information contact Pastor Stewart McCann at

Men's Ministry

The Men’s Ministry is a multi -dimensional ministry that seeks to reach the poor, lost, broken, and men in bondage and to restore them and set them free in Christ, while offering our Christian men the opportunity to go deeper in their faith and understanding of the gospel. It is a time when men get together to pray, share their testimonies, and encourage each other in their daily challenges and walk with the Lord. The Men’s ministry meets every Saturday morning at 10 am.

For more information contact Marty Thiessen at or Kevin Loughrey at 

Chinese Ministry

The Chinese ministry of Joshua Crossing church gathers at different homes around the North Oakville area. It is a vibrant Mandarin speaking ministry meeting each Thursday morning from 10 am until noon. Last fall the group worked through The Purpose Driven Life book. This group seeks to answer fundamental questions to the Christian faith and journey and provide a safe place to ask all the questions you have.

For more information contact Susan Yu at

Women's Ministry

The Women’s ministry is an opportunity to relax and make friends and to just share life together with a group of ladies that are journeying through life together. As with the other ministries at Joshua Crossing the Women’s ministry is all about relationships. Walks in the park and movie nights are part of the avenues that build tight Kingdom bonds.

For more information contact Erone Newman at

Bible Study Group

This small group meets every Wednesday evening at 7 pm to study the bible. It is a line by line exposition of the text. The purpose of this group is to learn how to study the bible effectively by accounting for things like place and time, genre and context and having fun doing it. Last fall we studied at the book of Hebrews.

For more information contact Pastor Stewart at

Community Dinner

Of all the ministries at Joshua Crossing the most unique may be the Thursday night community dinners. Every Thursday evening from 6 until 8 pm we gather together around the dinner table to share life. Most of the time we laugh, some of the time we cry but we always do it together. Community dinners are for everyone; that means you are welcome here regardless if this is your church home or not – At Joshua Crossing we desire to be as authentic a community as we can be and that means sharing life together. If you don’t feel like cooking and you want to be among friends or make some new ones bring your whole family out to Thursday Night Community Dinner.

For more information contact Pastor Stewart at

Music & Tech Worship Team

The Music Worship Ministry exists to glorify our Heavenly Father and to assist and lead people in worshiping The Lord as well. It consists of men and women passionate about seeking the Lord and bringing that passion to the expression of their God given gifts. It is the hope that during worship in singing and music together with God’s people we will all know we are in the presence of our Holy God.   

If you can carry a tune or play an instrument and would like to get involved in this ministry please don’t hesitate or be afraid to let us know.

For more information contact Mark Khoo at

Tues Morning Group

Tuesday’s at 10:00 am is a casual time where we look forward to getting together. We spend time sharing our joy, our challenges, praying for each other, the church, the world and our friends and family.

For more information contact Heather Haacke at